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Carrier Indonesia Service Department offers maintenance contracts to prevent air conditioning system and chiller system failures and to ensure optimum performance of your systems.

Carrier Indonesia Service Department is staffed with skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians with the latest tools and equipment to provide efficient and cost-effective service to all its customers.

We provide all types of service and maintenance programmes for all air conditioning system and chiller system. you can count on Carrier’s expertise and superior service offerings to help you get the most from your HVAC system from start-up through the entire lifecycle. Our service technician on quick response means a faster resolution of your service needs (emergency or routine)

Service Agreement

The level cover a combination of preventive, and predictive work so we leave our customers worry-free to concreate on their core business activities. Our pride has been providing reliable maintaining activities. Our customer are always highly satisfied with the increased equipment life span, optimized entire facility performance attaining higher level of operation and energy efficient.

As a result, overall maintenance costs can be reduced. Air conditioning system and chiller system cannot provide maximum performance and capacity if they are not maintained properly. Scheduled maintenance is indispensable to maintain optimum operation and prolong service life of air conditioning system and chiler system.

Our maintenance service provide scheduled maintenance to maintain air conditioning sytem and chiller system in optimum condition.
(1) Periodic inspection and monitoring of operation conditions enable prompt detection of equipment abnormalities.
Replacement of parts and prevention of malfunctions minimize performance deterioration resulting from aging.
(2) Periodic inspection and parts replacement in preventive maintenance effectively reduces equipment problems and

Benefits :

  • Identify and correct minor problems, before they lead to more complex and expensive repair
  • Avoid needless downtime
  • Minimize inconvenience to occupants
  • Ensure continued production in process applications
  • Prolong equipment life,
Service Repair

In our corrective maintenance service, we repair equipment promptly and ensure proper functioning of air conditioning system and chiller system. We have decades of experience servicing all major HVAC brands of equipment. Simply put – we bring an unmatched level of technical confidence to each and every repair situation.


  • Avoid Unexpected Failures
  • Discover Hidden Problem
  • Ensure Optimum Operation